What is Model Slot machine Car Racing And How do i Get started?

Do you wish for speed, but do not want all of the dangers and risks that are involved when driving a real car at high rates incurs? Not to mention the cost to repair a real racing car when you wad it up in a crash. If this is you, then try your hand at slot machine car racing. You see, model slot machine car racing has been doing since 1929 and has gained immense popularity, country wide and internationally.

Model slot machine cars are powered 롤링0% in an electronic file by either batteries or from some electrical source, which is provided to the car by a metal rob on each side of the slot machine.

The tracks on which slot machine cars run are made up of groves or slots(hence the lyrics ‘slot’ car) into that your cars are advised with the help of a pin or a blade like apparatus on the under carriage of the cars. Only one slot machine car is to occupy one slot machine. So for example, if you have an eight lane track, you can have up to eight cars spread out the track.

Each slot machine is linked with a power source, such as an electric power pack or batteries which maintains that the power supply remains stable throughout the whole time the slot machine cars are on the track. To prevent the slot machine cars from jumping out of the slot machine, some of the slot machine cars under carriage have some sort of magnets which keep these electric model cars in constant contact with metal guards even at high rates. Some model car knives are even magnetized to own same effect as the undercarriage magnets. The speed of the cars are controlled by the squeezing of the trigger way on a pistol-grip joystick slipped into the hand of the person who is controlling the slot machine car. Squeezing the trigger enhances the speed of the slot machine car and releasing the trigger slows the electric model car down or stops it completely.

Slot machine car racing is actually international. International challenges are held annually in the united states and abroad. The united states has 2 HO scale car organizations called the Usa Federation of HO racers Association (UFHORA) and the HO Professional Racing Association (HOPRA). Each year both organizations hold national and international events around the country. These events are not only for racing the slot machine cars, but also to lift general awareness slot machine car racing in general..

So you want to race, huh? If you are a real beginner to slot machine car racing, first I recommend you join an slot machine car organization, either a local one in your neighborhood and or one that is recognized country wide. You can access a wealth of information from these places. For the HO ethusiast, check out the national organization HOPRA. Their website is in

Then go down to the hobby store and purchase a model slot machine car racing set of the scale you want to race. It does not have to be a big set. Go home, set it up and have FUN!! Observe the track and the cars are made. Notice how the car is able to propel itself down the track, stay in the slot machine and stop. Don’t be afraid to delve inside the cars to check out the gears, chassis and how the body is mounted.

In no time you will be upgrading to a larger set either by adding on to you current set or jogging down to your local track for more experience and or better competition. You will most likely upgrade your car(s) also by turbo your chassis, installing a smaller injure motor with custom brushes, installing stickier auto tires for better footing and more. and believe me when i say more, as there are many ways to produce a slot machine car faster…. much faster.

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