Things to Know About Andros Island Bahamas

Andros Island, Bahamas is a single archipelago. The island’s area is larger than the combined area of all the other seven hundred islands in the Bahamas. It is also the largest island in the Bahamas. Here are a few things to know about this beautiful island. Visiting Andros island is a great way to start your vacation. After you’ve read this article, you’ll be ready to plan your trip to Andros Island!

The secluded and undeveloped landscape of Andros is stunning. The bluff behind town is lined with swaying palms, and the beach overlooks the Tongue of the Ocean. You’ll notice a decaying brick hotel, framed by Norfolk Island pines. A whitewashed cemetery stands silently in the foreground. This idyllic setting is unspoiled and romantic, with no tourists.

Fresh water is plentiful on Andros. The island supplies 7 million gallons of fresh water to Nassau each day. Nassau’s fresh water reserves were exhausted decades ago, so the island is dependent on the water of Andros to survive. Moreover, andros island bahamas there’s a strong possibility that the ocean water might disappear from New Providence if Andros gets affected by a hurricane or other disaster. So, before you pack your bags and head to Andros, learn about the water supply conditions in this island.

On the northwestern tip of the island, Henry Morgan’s Cave has legends about hidden treasure. This cave was used by Captain Morgan, who orchestrated the seizure of European galleons. His gold was hidden in a cave below, so the cave was renamed Captain Morgan’s Bluff. You can also explore the cave on a family vacation in the Bahamas. But what’s best? Andros has a lot to offer.

A unique combination of marine features makes Andros unique. On the eastern side, the Tongue of the Ocean stretches 6,000 feet across the island. Andros’s western coastline is home to the 1.5 million-acre West Side National Park. This park is the sixth largest in the world, and is located just a few miles off the shore. The Great Bahama Bank and Crab Replenishment Reserve lie to the west and northwest, respectively. In addition, Andros has the largest collection of blue holes in the Bahamas.

In 1550, the Spanish first discovered Andros. They called it Espiritu Santo. On a 1782 map, it was also known as San Andreas. The modern name was derived from Sir Edmund Andros, commander of the Her Majesty’s Forces in Barbados in 1672. Andros was also a governor of Massachusetts and New York. The largest towns on Andros are Congo Town and Nicholl’s Town. Andros Town is the most popular among these.

In the 1800s, Andros Island was a haven for pirates. In 1713, the island was declared a Republic of Pirates. Today, you can visit Morgan’s Cave and Morgan’s Bluff on the North side of the island. Morgan is a famous privateer-pirate and rum-maker who lived on the island. South Andros also had pirate settlements. Throughout history, Andros Island has attracted many visitors to the island.

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