The right Ring Tone For the Right Person

There is a wide range of mobile phone ring tones to choose from for cell phone subscribers. These can be pop music, the howling of different animals, the shouting of mother nature like the sound of the rain, the echoes from the mountains, to name a few. It seems that almost any sound in the world can be used as a ring tone in any mobile phone. Some people would choose to download the sound of sea which always gives a feeling of peace; some are fond of using the sounds of animals like the barking of a dog, the howling of a wolf or a pack of wolves which really sound thrilling; some enjoy themselves with funny ring tones – well, it’s kind of impossible to list them all. After all, tastes differ from individual to individual.925 Sterling Silver Wolf Ring Handmade Huge Heavy Mens Biker Punk Ring Ta90  - Rings - AliExpress

It will be full of fun and can be quite practical for you to set different ring tones in your phone for individual numbers. By doing so you will spot out the person in no minute who is calling you by the special ring tone you set for him or her. Here is an example. You can set a loving song which is a little heart touching for your loved one; you can choose the sound of thundering for your somewhat strict father and mild ring tone like the sound of piano for your mother womens wolf ring
. As for your friends, you can also have plenty of ring tones to choose from. Every sound in the world you can think of can be used as ring tones even the crying of a newly born baby can be used as a ringtone. I remember vividly one of my roommates recorded the barking of her dog and set it as a ring tone on her cell phone. Every time her father or mother called her, our dormitory would be filled with the sound of a barking dog. No matter what, these special ring tones really add much more fun to our daily lives! This mission starts easily enough, but you can become embroiled in a losing battle of resources if you’re not careful. The key is to take your time building up your base, start defensively, and time time your attacks carefully. Make sure the lord of the Nazgul survives – you can’t finish the mission without him, and the game doesn’t tell you that!

Place towers at the northern entrance to your base and use your Black Riders and some Slashers to defend it. You’ll also need Wraiths: place them in the towers. Build up to tech level 4 as quickly as possible, and use your Fate points to spawn Grishnahk (with all of his upgrades) – he’s indispensable in this mission. Also get Saleme (ditto).

Don’t attack the first enemy base until after you’ve secured the expansion resources east of it, across the bridge. Use these resources to build up your army until you have a strong group of Uruk-Hai and Warg Riders, with enough Slashers and Spearmen to serve as cannon fodder. Use your Wraiths (and/or Gollum, if you have enough Fate points) as scouts for Uruk-Hai to engage individual armies from a distance.

Use Grish to take out enemy towers: with his Wolf Speed, you can dash in, place explosives and toss burning torches, dash out, and repeat. You can also use Wolf Speed (and your Warg Riders) to lure enemies away from their defenses and back to ambushes.

Once the first base is sacked, set up a defensive line of towers as close to the enemy gates as possible, using Saleme’s Blood Mark to heal your troops. Wear down the enemy by luring them out to face you, using Grish and your Riders to race inside the walls and destroy/weaken towers before launching your assault. Save your Fate points if possible!

After this base is taken, secure the defensive Place of Power to the east, and then use Grish and your Uruk-Hai to take out the eastern forces guarding the final base. Patience is key, as rush tactics will be disastrous.

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