One of the most important factors to better skin health and eliminating acne is to feed you skin with vitamins it requires to guard itself against the effects of free radicals (which is caused by normal metabolism, exposure to sunlight as well as radiation, smoking, sleeping in, and drinking). There are lots of “nutricosmetics” available these days that claim to contain antioxidants. You can apply them on your skin , and it will nourish and help protect it. It could be so but wouldn’t it make sense to wash the entire body with antioxidants in addition to your face?

The only way to accomplish it naturally is to eat more whole foods which contain antioxidants such as fruits veggies, legumes nuts and seeds. The way to fruit and vegetable vitamins  do it is that it is best to eat them raw to keep their antioxidants and enzymes. If they’re cooked, all of the enzymes will be deactivated (at temperatures of around 140°F) and 95% of the folic acid as well as a lot of other antioxidants are destroyed.

In actual fact, the federal government has invested billions of dollars in trying to find a cure to cancer, heart disease diabetes, stroke and other chronic illnesses – and they found that it is more preventable than it is to treat. It’s the reason they suggest eating 7-13 portions of raw, fresh fruits and vegetables each day. The average American only consumes three servings of veggies and fruits per every day, however. So there’s this huge gap between what we know that people need to eat for ideal health and what they actually eat.

This is why a lot of people turn to vitamins to increase their antioxidants to bridge this gap. However, the research into isolated, fragmented vitamins is staggering – in almost every case supplementing with vitamin supplements isolated didn’t reduce the risk of developing heart disease, cancer, stroke or diabetes – and in some instances the risk of these diseases increased in those taking vitamin supplements.

It is important to be as natural as you can – to eat whole fruits and vegetables, berries, beans, nuts and seeds to reap the natural antioxidants that nature provides. It’s a problem that a lot of people don’t or simply don’t want to eat the recommended 7-13 servings a day. This is why a full healthy fruit and vegetable diet may be a good idea to add more antioxidants to your body.

It’s what I’ve done and it’s one of the primary factors that helped me free of acne and come off my acne medications years ago. So if you can’t eat enough fruits and veggies regularly take some time to research the issue and find a good food supplement made of fruits and vegetables – preferably one that has some independent, clinical research behind it.

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