Jewellery Insurance Claims

Thinking about the possibility of a theft or loss of a favourite piece of jewellery is certainly not pleasant, however the possibility cannot be ignored. So often victims of a theft or loss find that claiming on their insurance is complicated and unsatisfactory. Insurance companies have an extraordinary ability to ‘wriggle’ when it comes to claims and the small print all of a sudden becomes far more important than it seemed at the time of signing the original contract.Keanes Jewellers | Official Rolex Retailer

How often do we hear that a victim of theft has been unable to claim compensation for a loss because the circumstances did not qualify the ‘terms of the insurance policy’, or that the amount paid out was not nearly enough to find a comparable replacement for the item lost buy gold in dubai. Then there are the insurance companies who refuse to pay out for the loss in cash, instead insisting that the customer must purchase jewellery to the value of the loss from ‘associated’ jewellery stores – many of which may stock jewellery that the claimant feels is inferior to the treasured item that was lost.

Much of this frustration can be avoided by taking a few simple, precautionary steps in advance of any unfortunate incident which may result in the necessity of making an insurance claim. Firstly, when purchasing jewellery, always ensure that you are provided with a purchase invoice or receipt. Check that the store selling you this jewellery provides a clear and detailed description of the goods purchased. This should include the type and grade of precious metal used including its weight. Any gemstones should be detailed with the quality, grades and weights. Finally the price must be stated preferably also showing the original shop price if a discount was given. This receipt must be safely retained in a filing system at home so that it can easily be found if a claim should become necessary at some date in the future.

It is not sufficient simply to have an original purchase invoice to identify and prove the value of a treasured item. As the years roll on the value of that item is likely to steadily increase. In order to maintain a clear idea of the value of the jewellery to be insured it is vitally important to maintain a current valuation. The value of the insured jewellery should be updated regularly every three to four years by a qualified jeweller. In the case of a loss the insurance valuation will have two important purposes

Handmade Murano glass is famous for it’s original handcrafted pieces. The glass products origins are from Murano In Italy. Dating as far back as the 7th century Murano made a name for itself as a commercial port. Over the years Murano has become a well known tourist destination. Fine art and Handmade Jewellery are just some of the reasons this beautiful island is so popular.

Glass makers in Murano were seen to be the finest artisans in the world. They had ingenious glass making techniques especially in the creation of Handmade Jewellery, some of these techniques were the use of gold threads through the glass, milk glass, and multicolored glass. Not to mention imitation Gemstones constructed from glass. These techniques are still around today as Murano glass Handmade Jewellery is created into captivating art.

During the 50s and 60s Murano glass Handmade Jewellery was produced for export to overseas countries. The artisans in Murano still use the very same techniques today, popularity continues to grow for this incredible handcrafted Murano Jewellery.

Because Murano glass handmade jewellery cannot be massively produced, but rather employs painstakingly complex glass making techniques, each piece of Murano glass jewellery is one of a kind and makes for an incredible gift. Anyone who appreciates the gift of handmade jewellery will appreciate what it means to own a handcrafted piece of stunning Murano art glass jewellery.

No pieces of Glass Jewellery from the island of Murano are the same. Master artisans, using traditions of old, have handcrafted each piece. Years ago Murano art glass Jewellery became such a sought after commodity. Today anyone looking for the perfect gift to give will be delighted to know there a various designs and styles, something for everyone.

Murano art glass handmade jewellery is crafted using high quality glass and melting agents called flux. The Glass is shaped and molded on rods over a flame or torch and then slowly manipulated to create highly detailed and truly unique gifts, in the form of pendants, earrings, and other jewellery elements.

The colors, styles, materials and techniques used in Murano art glass jewellery can vary significantly depending on what look the master glass maker is hoping to create.

Popular styles for Murano glass handmade jewellery gifts include millefiori, filigree, enamel painted, engraved, lattimo, gold engraved, incalmo, ribbed glass and submersion glass. Each of these styles creates a completely different and unique piece of handmade jewellery, and because each is crafted by hand, no two could ever be created alike. If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone who seems to have everything, or just the perfect compliment to a favorite outfit, then Murano art glass handmade jewellery is an excellent avenue to explore. This stunning one of a kind handmade jewellery style makes an excellent idea for gifts, whether you are treating a friend or yourself.

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