HHO Conversion Kit Assembly

HHO conversion kit assembly is far easier than most people think. Like most things, you still need decent instructions. In fact, after thirteen HHO conversions of my own, for friends and family, I still need to periodically refer to one of my manuals. Any kit will work quite adequately, but as technology improves it is worth getting the latest instructions available.Bubbler - Glass , Silicone Bubbler Pipes for Sale | Grasscity.com

A proper working HHO conversion kit should comprise of an HHO generator, a vaporiser, an electronic control unit, an electrical circuit and a few feet of hose. The vehicle’s battery and ignition system are connected to the electronic control unit and HHO generator. The hose passes via the vaporiser to the carburetor’s intake hose.

The materials should cost between $100 and $200, depending on whether you choose platinum or stainless steel for your catalyst. Although a standard household toolbox should contain everything necessary for construction, if you really mini dab rigs do need the help of a mechanic, he shouldn’t charge more than about $150 for assembly and fitting. This compares with spending over $6,000 on a pre-built kit which will perform no better than making your own.

A catalyst, or electrode, is placed within the casing. As an electric current, drawn from the vehicle’s battery, is passed through the water in the casing, the water reacts with the catalyst and HHO is formed. This oxyhydrogen gas rises to the surface and is passed via the vaporiser to the engine. This gas burns four to five times better than gasoline, which is where the savings are made.

Anyone can own HHO car kit plans for less than many people’s daily grocery bill. The requisite materials necessary for an HHO conversion cost less than $120. The trick is knowing how to build and fix the system to an existing gas or diesel engine. More than 350,000 USA citizens now have a water power hybrid of their own.

Of course HHO or hydrogen as a means of providing motive power has been around for ages. But it is only in the last three or four years that people have become genuinely interested in HHO car kit plans. Gas prices have risen, so most of us are looking for ways of making savings. A water fuel kit is an excellent way of cutting gas bills by up to 60%.

The system is tucked away under the hood and only uses plain water and a small electric charge from the battery. No hydrogen is stored within the vehicle. Rather a reservoir containing a quart or so of water contains a catalyst with which the H2O reacts as it receives the electric current. Hydrogen is given off the negative terminal and oxygen from the positive terminal. These gases rise to the surface and reform as variant combinations of HHO.

The HHO is then vacuum sucked from the generator, via a bubbler, to the carburetor. It then mixes with standard gasoline or diesel, thus reducing the amount of gas or diesel required to power the automobile. In fact oxyhydrogen burns up to six times better than gasoline. Plus, it is completely free.

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