Back To Oneness ” The Piece de Resistance” The Real, Painful to Hear, and all Liberating One Truth


My dear companions, I realize that large numbers of you have been deluged and hoodwinked for ages into causing you to put stock in “stories” that have one ongoing idea in every one of them – assuming you trouble examining them by any stretch of the imagination: The longing to cover the Truth of who you actually ALL are, where all of you begin and came from, and the powerful urge to conceal your actual beginning as hallowed and great pieces of the ONE Eternal Energy.


By deprecating you, they all have undermined you and placed you in a condition of dread and subjection to the sole fulfillment of your faculties, and have impeded the acknowledgment that all of you convey the boundless and Zero/Infinite Point Energy inside, and need no innovative clothing to show it. You were conceived, stripped, with all the fundamental and adequate gear inside your Spiritual make-up to far outperform and conquer the sub-divine beings and dull energies that have been attempting to hold your genuine Divinity down. You have permitted yourself to  How to join illuminati cover your Eternal One Reality with a front of skin and dim idea/energy.


Limitlessness can’t be confined by others, it must be made lethargic by our own selves, just with our own agreement and by our freedom of thought. In the event that we have faith in our state of being brought into the world in a reduced corrupt state and under the influence and authority of Higher creatures, then we become what we accept we are. Man is the just being among all made creatures who conveys inside his made self the capacity to turn out to be completely the Eternal and Infinite Power and Divinity. No other type of articulation of The One can achieve the full scope of the entirety of the Tree of Life start to finish and back to top – no one but man can. Every single one of you can. Not even the Archangels are given that capacity.


Drop all thoughts of Masters, Avatars, edified ones, and your interest with them. It is the message which is significant, as opposed to the deceptive individuation. Assuming a message is about the Truth of One, and unification of all, then it is the result of Love, or the power attempting to take us back to our actual Source. Such a power can and would just express that all men are made equivalent under One and presented with a similar capacity to re-part and be conceded equivalent right to satisfaction. Furthermore, you ought to give close consideration to such a directive for it starts from Truth.


Assuming a message lets you know that all men are not made equivalent in the One Eye of One, for they have various capacities, and are consequently not presented with a similar heavenly right to encounter joy, then, at that point, it is the result of the counter-power of Fear/control and is starting in lie. To accept such trepidation messages and to become spellbound by them, is to put stock in your sub-par status, in the thought of “them” – whoever them is – as unrivaled supplied creatures, and you as sub-par.


Might it be said that one is of your synapses better than a kidney cell? Obviously not, they all have their place and job inside the flawlessness of your science. Would it be advisable for you to then give more blood-conveyed supplements to a synapse, and have different cells endure? Obviously not, for they ought to all set naturally all that they expect up to cheerfully work.


To lean toward one piece of One, to the detriment of another, is to work in a condition of need and crisis, and that isn’t the method of One, which is just about joy of the One Being in the entirety of its Oneness.


Only One is being in the Universe. One. A-men.


The One made initial two powers inside the One Being: two heading/pulls for Its perceptual outing as humanity, which is men without the idea of the solidarity of the A/Aleph/Alpha – the One.


Just two genuine powers inside that are being.


There are just two powers working inside all of you.


Both work without a moment’s delay.


Both need to exist.


Both have an extremely Creative and significant job, for without them Creation can’t be.


You pick at all minutes between these two powers.


You alone have freedom of thought of decisions.


These two early stage powers can’t at any point go with any decision for you.


Both have no imaginative contribution past contribution you at each second two decisions beginning from each.


One power advances inside your internal and external reality impression of Oneness, Love and reconnection to the Origin/Source of the outing of man, and another power advances, inside yourself and without, dread/partition, thoughts of prevalence and inadequacy, and sensations of separation from the genuine Original Source of who you truly are: One.


The Only excursion the One cognizance can truly have is a perceptual outing of mindfulness inside the limitless openings of the One Mind.


On one post of the Tree of Life (outing of One to man(y) and back to One) works the power called Fear for sure a few customs call the S (called Seth, Serpent, question mark with the head/dab down, Satan, reptilian and so on force) which is the troublesome Creative power inside us, all of which maintains that us should accept and return to areas of strength for the of the deceptive many, absence of control and strengthening, and so on.. what’s more, has involved dread and control for that. It is the descending power inside the Holy Tree of Life which makes the One leave Its fixed point as the highest point of the Tree where the delegated magnificence of One exists everlastingly (Kether/crown) and fall into the deception of being many – through the exceptionally innovative and unfortunate instruments which that apprehension/forcefield brings forth.


This is the power which carries the Kingdom the entire way to the lower part of the Tree, having the King/Queen (at the most noteworthy place of mindfulness there is no sensation of orientation, for everything is One) fail to remember that sHe is the King (the One). Its job is to guarantee that not a solitary one of us recalls that reality. For the way to reclamation back to One is conviction. All any individual needs to do to see that he/she is One with One, is to accept without a spot of uncertainty that he/she left that discernment as the King which he/she is, and can constantly reconnect to his/her crown above.


This Fear force works and uses disguises and lies. It does it inventively, since it is a power starting from the All, and it continues to take care of us, all through every one of the ages, confusions, arranged stories (bogus His-story weighed down with affirming holographic additions) which would and could become attractive to many, and fit the legends and convictions of the space/time requirements experienced. This power is associated with us all from the inside, and can move us all. It is important for One. It is figuratively the gravitational power of the two powers made for Creation to be a particularly Creative excursion and way for the One True Reality. This is the power which pulls us down inside our excursion as One inside the Tree of Eternal Life which we have never at any point left, regardless of how much that power attempts to entrap us and persuade us regarding the contrary reality.


The other power, working on the other post of the Tree of Eternal Life is the power of Pure Integrative Love, as a longing to bind together and take us back to our starting point as One. It has a great time lifting us from our moored condition of dread and dis-confidence in our Being the One. It advises us to relinquish old convictions of division and elitism for they never again serve us, and will quite often keep us static in agony, and lethargy. It is additionally associated with all of us, from the inside, lying frequently covered with all the misdirecting dull contemplations and projects of dread which we have welcomed and permitted in. It is the Spark of Holy One inside all of us: the Real and Eternal Holy of Holies.


Adoring Truth starts in the core of One and man.


Dread and trickery start in the cerebrum of One and man.


Both are expected to support life and choice for Oneself and man inside It.


You are what you accept you are.


Man’s life isn’t an excursion about powers, innate abilities, however an outing in mindfulness. The key is BELIEF. You are actually the thing you accept that you are. Assuming you have confidence in your restricted self and mediocre status, that is who you express. Assuming you put stock in your un-restricted Self and your Divinity as One, that is the kind of person you are.


There is no Karma, no previous existences or potentially contracts in light of this, this is made by Fear as a way for you to impede your advancement into the full acknowledgment of who you truly are: One.


This is the outing of One: From One to the many as man, and back to One. An outing from Love to Fear, and back to Love once more: The Eternal pattern of Creation for the us in One. It is the night and morning of a pattern of Creation for the One.


You were NEVER truly conceived, and you will NEVER truly bite the dust. That is absolutely unimaginable. You have no genuine End, and no genuine Beginning in the Eternity of your accounts as One encountering over and over the many. Birth and Death are deceptions. You are, were, and will generally be ETERNAL BEING, ETERNAL ONE, regardless of anything you experience, think, or do. Anyway the declarations of your Being could become agonizing or awesome, in view of how a long way from the Truth of One you arrange yourself. Dread will constantly bring forth endlessly torment will generate arousing once more into Love.


We plunge from One, gradually into dread, as One encounters the many, and the aggravation of the experience drives the numerous to rejoin the Pure Loving Truth of One as we re-part who we truly are: One Being.


Dread has imagined, took care of, and painstakingly developed the plenty of disruptive stories, elitist speculations, strict misrepresentations, arranged dread fantasies like enemy of Christ, sky and heck, bogus prophets, secret dull social orders, numerous logical standards, and, surprisingly, Holographic supplements imitating reality (long ago seen Dragons, mythical people, radiant and evil domains, sub-divine beings and makers in human or godlike structure, as of late seeming Et’s, UFOs. paleontological, geographical, galactic, archeological discoveries, and numerous logical lab results, and so forth,) which countless individuals have been noticeably seeing all through the ages. A lot of Fears’ composed books, and extended recorded stockpiles of virtual sound/light reality embeds, are regularly focusing on the ones who are generally prepared to acknowledge and embrace the misleading ideal models

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